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Welcome to my homepage

Many of you entering this site would have read an article written by myself or seen a feature video covering my exploits and approach to a sport that I have such a passion for and one important fact you will have noticed is that nothing is rocket science in my approach to my angling. Why? Because there is no need to, by getting the basics right, presentation spot on plus most important of all the right feeding patterns then the bites will come good and plenty with the target fish sitting nicely in your landing net pan.

Over the years I have gained much experience through my early club and match fishing days plus I have also put in many hours on the bank side to be the angler that I am today. I gain just as much pleasure showing anglers how to catch fish as it is catching the fish myself, we all share the same passion and at times obsession with angling and through my coaching and guiding lessons the aim is to introduce my clients to another level of angling with the aim to make them a better angler.

This site will have a blog and gallery page which will reveal how my clients and indeed how my own fishing exploits have panned out over the following weeks and seasons and if you want to be included and share a similar experience please contact me for your own personal needs and quote by contacting me via my email address

The gallery page hopefully will inspire you that it’s not all about catching fish with time spent fishing should be so much more rewarding and enjoyable and should be looked at through many angles of our sport.

I’m looking forward to meeting up with you, spending time by the waters edge where l will pass on my experience, knowledge and of course secrets, and then we can simply do what we love to do, go fishing and catch fish!

Russ Evans

The Obsessed Angler

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